A 65-year-old former seaman comes home to the Philippines to reconnect with his family. But he has a big problem: they believe he died when his ship exploded off the coast of Mexico a generation ago.


First, he finds his gay best friend, a hairdresser and member of a lip synching drag queen act. The latter helped him woo his wife almost 50 years ago. This time around, they face formidable odds as he helps him woo her again. 


The ex-seaman’s wife has fallen on hard times and is now a paraplegic. She is less than thrilled by his reappearance. She concludes, not unfairly, that he abandoned his family and married another woman while he was away. He faces more rancor and violence from two of his three children, who are even more embittered than their mother.


Despite his failing health, he perseveres to win back his beloved’s heart and also earn his children’s forgiveness as he redirects their lives towards a better future. With a lot of help from his ever-loyal gay friend.