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Carmen’s abusive husband commits suicide two years after he left her for a much younger woman. The 63-year-old math teacher has become a confident and financially savvy woman since the separation. And now she boldly assumes the debts that drove him to kill himself and revives the jewelry store she used to manage for him, at the risk of her own financial wellbeing.


In an act of compassion, she gives back her husband’s devastated mistress her old job as a saleslady at the store. This stuns her three children, especially her daughter, the middle child.


As Carmen juggles teaching and managing her store, she continues to play the role of meddlesome mother to her children, who seem to have been cursed with negative traits they inherited from their father. The eldest, a young family man, has a violent streak. The youngest—a high school student grappling with his nascent homosexuality—is prone to addiction and depression.


The rebellious daughter, a nurse, is as stubborn as her late father. Carmen unwittingly alienates her further with her growing closeness to the mistress. This spurs her daughter to stop all communication with Carmen as she works overseas.


As her children struggle with their own lives, Carmen’s desperate efforts to keep her family intact eventually come home to roost—with mixed results.

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