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When Jonas Burgos, who worked with the farmers in Bulacan, was abducted by four men and a woman six years ago on April 28, 2007, while having lunch at a restaurant in Quezon City, it begins a spiral of events that sends his family into years of yearning, loss, and never ending hope. Every phone call, every small clue, sends them searching with the hope but finally, maybe, they will find out if he is still alive, or dead.


Especially Edita Burgos, the mother. A quiet and unassuming Carmelite lay sister, she is now thrust into the limelight, asking help from the public to help her in her search for her missing son. Jonas has become just a number in a long list of

desaparecidos, but she never gives up hope that somehow, somewhere, Jonas might still be alive, waiting for a chance to come home.


She has to grapple with a very basic contradiction---as a Carmelite she has to learn to forgive. But how can she forgive the soldiers, and their leaders, if up to now they haven't even admitted to the truth? Much less ask for forgiveness?


The crisis brings the family closer---the eldest son Sonny, who has lost his desire to paint ever since Jonas's disappearance and whose turn it is now to manage the farm that Jonas handled so well in his time; Peachy who has to leave her job and help manage the household; AJ, who helps Edita mostly in her public appearances and in the documents they need; and Ann, the youngest, who like her siblings has to contend with the never ending surveillance of the military on the family.


There's also Mhe Ann, Jonas's wife, who trusts her husband so much she is sure he will eventually find a way to come back. She also has to make sure that Jonas's disappearance doesn't take too much toll on their nine-year old daughter.


Edita's search continues. Never ending.


But in the end it is a battle of memories. Those responsible for Jonas's disappearance would want him erased, totally absented from the consciousness of the family and the public. Gone forever. Edita and her family, on the other hand, has to do everything in their power to make Jonas more alive, more vibrant, if only in their memories.

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