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                                                                                                   Act I

Pipo, late 30’s, regrets engaging in a brawl with his irate employer, and eventually loses his stevedore job. He could no longer take the constant embarrassment, worse, physical abuse he suffers every time he gets scolded at work.  He needs to find another job soon.  He is worried about his daughter Cyril, 15, who toils in a dumpsite, helping him make ends meet.  They live there, in the periphery where breathing is still allowed.  When neighbours ask for her mother, Cyril casually blurts out that she’s a whore who left her deaf-mute husband more incapacitated.

Pipo refuses to sulk and constantly strikes anywhere to look for work.  He takes risk in illegal-wire-tapping job in the neighbourhood. He takes irregular stevedore work in bus terminals and public markets.  Cyril helps by asking everyone she meets, if they could spare any menial jobs for her father; this is to the consternation of Pipo who gets so frustrated of finding work and turns his ire on his daughter. 

In this uncertain times, Pipo is also constantly “haunted” by an old man who suddenly appears in his path.  In one moment of arguing with Cyril, he blurts out, “her real father is coming close to get her”. 

                                                                                                   Act II

Due to Cyril’s constant inquiry among neighbours, Pipo ends up working in a funeral home as an all-around helper.  Initially, he is assigned as a janitor.  Eventually he also assists in stacking up cadavers in the stockroom, helps set up coffin and flower arrangement in every mourning; assists the embalmer in cleaning the dead.  One time, he joins other funeral workers, burying unclaimed dead bodies in a mass grave.   In less than a month, Pipo gets used to his newfound job.

Until fate allows a dangerous game to transpire.

Pipo is on his way home and takes a respite in a park instead of going heads on with the rush hour traffic.  He arrives at a post-traumatic-scene of a bombing incident.  Remnant and residues of the blast scatter amid the dead bodies of the victims. In a bit of an obscure behaviour, Pipo unknowingly takes out his Android cell phone and takes a picture of the tragedy. He is spotted by a witness, who automatically points him to a police officer.

                                                                                                   Act III

Pipo runs away in panic, avoiding the authority’s harassment.  Police gives chase. Eventually Pipo is arrested, harassed and interrogated in the police station.  He is not even provided a sign language interpreter to translate his defence.

Meantime, Cyril is found by her real father. A cat and mouse chase ensues in the neighbourhood as the old man shouts and scandalizes his own daughter, revealing to the on-lookers and chatty gossipers that Cyril and Pipo are lovers on the run.

After 2 days of incarceration, Pipo is released for lack of incriminating evidence to the bombing incident.

When he comes home, it’s already too late.  Cyril is gone with her father and their ramshackle home is destroyed to the grounds.

He quietly walks away, keeping the steaming fury inside him intact and controlled.   He reports for work in the funeral parlour.  Naturally, his employer flares up at him for being absent for 2 days without any notice.  He is immediately fired.  When he begs for consideration he is literally thrown out of the premises by the security officer. His heartbeat throbs incredulously. His mind races with images of hate, heartbreak and injustice he suffers recently.  He walks quietly away; only to let his trembling feet lead him to a route to the back door of the funeral parlour.  Once he gets back inside, his emotions take over him. Suddenly he could hear his pulsating heartbeat in his head…he goes to the pantry and picks up a knife and stabs the first person who tries to stop him.  He steps out of the room and stabs another co-worker in the hallway. Another co-employee shouts for help and runs off.  He continues with his silent rage until he encounters his boss once more.   He stabs her to death indefinitely, despite her clinging for mercy.

His shirt is all soaked in blood and sweat, his face bears violent splatters.  The security officer appears from behind, pulling out his gun from its holster.

Outside the parlour, a shattering gunshot echoes wildly in broad daylight.    Chaotic noise of traffic hounds the metropolis.  Nobody bothers to check on the massacre transpiring inside the funeral parlour.

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